I Am Not Tropical

I hate summer.  The heat makes me miserable, irritable, and sweaty.  And I hate being sweaty.  At least once a summer I overheat and end up puking at very inconvenient places.  I did not sign up for this.  I hate that my birthday is in the summer.  I hate traveling in the summer.  I hate having to do anything. I just hate summer.

Well I must have hit my head at some point.  It was about 93 degrees here on Saturday, yet I went to Branson for my husband’s niece’s birthday party.  She just turned three (I can’t believe it!)  and I actually had a pretty good time.  Since we were already down there, we decided to go for a drive to Top of the Rock since I had never been.  On a whim, we bought tickets and drove a golf cart through the Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail.  I have to say, it was beautiful!  There were several Amish bridges to drive across, lots of waterfalls, and a really neat cave with a bar inside!  (Sadly I didn’t have cash for a drink).

They should totally do something Christmas themed around the holidays.  Maybe put up some Christmas lights.  Not sure how that would work though and it might be dangerous to have people driving golf carts at night through the Ozark Mountains.  Okay fine, I haven’t worked out all the schematics.

Sunday was a pretty chill day.  I’ve started my packing list for vacation (under 2 weeks to go!) so I’ll stay organized and hopefully not forget anything.  I have a lot to do between now and then!



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