Busy Bee

I’m pretty sure I’m nearing exhaustion.  According to the internets, these are the symptoms:

  • Sleeplessness: issues falling and remaining asleep
  • Stress: sweating, heart palpitations, muscle tension
  • Pain: headache, muscle ache
  • Issues focusing and memory problems
  • Mood changes: irritation, sad mood, crying

I have had nearly all of these symptoms in the past week.  I only sleep 4-5 hours at a time, my upper back is incredibly tense and my legs are achy, I have been so forgetful and have a hard time focusing, I’m anxious and have been feeling very worried, and don’t even get me started on the crying.  I leave for vacation on Friday and it can’t come soon enough!  I could definitely use a break.

Since I will be out of town on my actual birthday, my friends and I went to Clue Pursuit on Friday night to do one of the escape rooms to celebrate my birthday.  It was so much fun and we managed to escape!  I did a room a few months ago with some girls from work and we had a blast.  I highly recommend going if there is a place like this in your city!


I had to work over the weekend to fulfill some time off requests, but that means I get Wednesday off.  I’m sure I’ll spend the day packing and organizing for my trip.  My father in law is keeping my dog while I’m away and he’s picking her up on Thursday.  I’m going to miss my girl!

4 more days until I’m relaxing by a pool!


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