An Open Letter to My Family & Friends

I was recently watching "The Sopranos" and came to an episode with a scene that really hit home for me.  In the scene, Tony Soprano is talking with his psychiatrist, Dr. Melfi.  Tony is battling anxiety and depression and tells her that he has a lot of misplaced anger.  He's mad and he doesn't know … Continue reading An Open Letter to My Family & Friends


2018 Goals

I came up with this list pretty quickly.  In a way, I think there is more honesty in quick thinking and these goals are totally attainable. Be more comfortable with myself and being alone Lose 40 pounds Craft more Buy a house Spend more time with people who make me happy Spend less money Find … Continue reading 2018 Goals

My Girl

Ok, this post will probably be super sad and depressing.  My pride and joy, love of my life is my pug Laney.  I cannot accurately describe how much happiness this girl has brought me since coming into my life almost 12 years ago.  She is funny, sweet, very loving, and just an all around good … Continue reading My Girl

Busy Bee

I'm pretty sure I'm nearing exhaustion.  According to the internets, these are the symptoms: Sleeplessness: issues falling and remaining asleep Stress: sweating, heart palpitations, muscle tension Pain: headache, muscle ache Issues focusing and memory problems Mood changes: irritation, sad mood, crying I have had nearly all of these symptoms in the past week.  I only … Continue reading Busy Bee