My Weak End

Seriously, being anemic is not fun.  All I want to do is sleep.  I have no energy, I feel weak and lazy, and I just want someone to bring me a cupcake.

Needless to say, my holiday weekend was pretty boring.  I think I wore the same sweatpants for 3 days.  Yeah.  Be jealous.

Saturday was my most productive day.  I met with my therapist and then headed to a hair appointment.  As I was leaving my therapist’s office, I saw a familiar face in the waiting area.  You know when you’re not expecting to see someone so your brain doesn’t even register knowing them?  That happened.  I almost walked right past her.  We had a quick chat and then I went to my hair salon.  My stylist and I now refer to my appointments as “hairapy” since I schedule my color right after seeing my therapist.  I have a good cry and then I go get my hair played with.  It’s wonderful.  We have a good system.  Plus, I find my salon to be incredibly relaxing.  It’s just a pretty place with good people.


After my “hairapy,” I went to my dear friend Katherine’s to create a video audition tape for a game show!  We are trying to get on Beat Shazam!  It’s totally a long shot, but we had fun making the video.  On the way to her house, I got caught in a storm.  I thought some trees were going to snap because the wind was nearly bending them in half.  And the sky was turning some shady ass colors.


I honestly don’t remember Sunday or Monday.  Again, the anemia kind of makes me slip into a coma.  I swear to drunk I wasn’t God.  I do remember crocheting.  I’m finally finishing this blanket I started about a year ago.


I took off work on Tuesday just to have an extra day to myself.  I did three loads of laundry and had a Jake Gyllenhaal movie marathon.  I watched Southpaw, Prisoners, and A Dangerous Woman.  You’ve probably never heard of that last one.  Jake was around 12 when it was filmed and it was a very small role.  I think he was only in one scene.  But seriously, is this man even human?  He’s perfect.


I’m definitely okay with only working three days this week.  Come on Friday and bring on the sweatpants.


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